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“Life is constantly bringing you challenges and opportunities. I 
you move forward when you dare to lean in, step up to the challenges, and seize the opportunities.”

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meet Zoë

Discover Zoë, The founder and owner of Zig Zag Transformations. Zoë offers four distinct yet interconnected services. Zoë is a beacon of change - a leading global transformation strategist who empowers individuals and businesses to thrive—with a dynamic career spanning business leadership roles, including Chief People Officer at leading media giant Condé Nast International, leading a $2B global transformation projects and Global HR Executive at renowned sports leader Adidas, leading a $4B Digital Brand Commerce people strategy, and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. She has advised, transformed businesses, and led and coached several teams to high-performance success.


Having collaborated with renowned brands like Diesel, Adidas, and Condé Nast, home to Vogue and GQ, Zoë has held C-Suite roles focused on transformation. Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship, she leads with knowledge of the interconnectedness of strategic business and people. Leveraging experience, intuition, and courage.


Zoë propels individuals and organisations forward; her energy is powerful and infectious. As a coach and business strategist, she ignites audiences with energy and wisdom, aiming to see them thrive in health, wealth, and all aspects of life. She offers a unique blueprint for growth by uncovering core values and purpose, driving new perspectives. Notable clients include Salesforce, DLA Piper, Soho House Group, Burberry, Hudson Holdings Plc and Nike.

what Zoë does

As a seasoned global Transformation expert, Zoë leads individuals and groups on an empowering journey towards self-mastery, breaking through the barriers that once seemed insurmountable to make the impossible possible. Through her unyielding dedication and proven methods, she provokes and inspires trailblazing leaders to unlock their fullest potential, unleashing a cascade of unlimited opportunities that ripple with positivity for themselves and those around them. Zoë is unapologetic in her quest to be a positive force for change—a catalyst igniting transformation, a pioneer forging new paths, a tireless student of life, and a champion of freedom. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative approach, Zoë guides her clients from passivity to action with a robust strategy and guidance, fostering clarity, focus, and momentum through inspired steps forward. When you entrust Zoë as your business strategist, consultant, or coach, you're not just hiring a professional; you're enlisting a strategic partner committed to orchestrating revolutionary and dynamic change.


Together, you'll achieve results that are not just impactful but also deeply meaningful and evolutionary.

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