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“Life is constantly bringing you challenges and opportunities. When you have the courage to step up to the challenges and seize the opportunities you move forward.”

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“In January 2020, I decided to leave the corporate world, my identity took a major shift, I was forced to reevaluate my place in society, put meaning to myself rather than saying 'I am Zoe from Condé Nast'. This prompted me to go on a journey of self-discovery of who is Zoe. I realise that this is the core of success, knowing your identity and your purpose is really the critical ingredient to success. This experience combined with my professional wisdom and credibility can help organisations and individuals to discover and align to ensure they attract and serve their ideal consumer and employer. This transition in my career was a pivotal moment that inspired me to build and launch www.theoutplacers.com​, a hybrid tech and human career transition services for organisations and individuals”

I have worked for and with, some amazing brands such as Diesel, Adidas and Condé Nast, publishing home of Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Tatler, Wired etc, my roles have been at C-Suite level, focused on leading digitalisation and transformation. In my recent transition from corporate to entrepreneur, I had a major realisation that I have a knack for connecting the dots between business and people - they are not separate. I leverage not only my experience but tap into my intuition and courage to take risks take people and organisations to the next level. I always see the positive things, even in a challenging situations.

As a coach and business consultant, I touch audiences with my energy, knowledge, expertise and wisdom. My ultimate goal is to see people thrive in health, wealth and achieve success in all facets of their lives. Values drive our behaviour, thoughts, actions and so much more, values for an individual is the same as 'culture' for an organisation. I help get clarity, uncover core identity, values and purpose, I offer a unique and uncommon blueprint to my audiences by developing and stimulating new perspectives.  Recent clients include Soho House Group, Burberry, Hudson Holdings Plc.


“Working with me, people will have clarity on their values, their mission, purpose and vision which enables them to design and create their life in the way that feels successful to them.”

Zoe Walters

is to help others to be aligned to their purpose, to establish their mission and find the confidence to act with courage that brings success and fulfillment. Whether its a person or organisation, values and culture is the underlying foundation that determines everything else.

my mission
my vision

is to be the clarity coach + consultant sought out by the professionals and high achievers to help design their organisation/life with purpose, intent and provide a roadmap that assures commercial and individual success. When you are successful, so am I. 

I believe that energy is the core of what we need to inspire others. The continuum of learning and growth mindset is essential to self evolution. When we are aligned with our core values and purpose, we are empowered to make better choices, decisions and actions that not only impact us but others around us. 

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About me

I am a Human Resource Executive, certified Coach, founder of my own brand Zoe Walters. I earned my degree in HR Management with Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (FCIPD) where I hold fellowship status, a masters in Applied Psychology from London Met University plus I have studied in the Psychology of Human Values from Fordham University, New York.  In 2021 I started the journey to obtaining my PhD in Transpersonal Psychology through Liverpool John Moores University.

I am accredited by globally recognised International Coaching Federal (ICF), I am a certified Master NLP Practitioner with Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. I have focused on coaching startups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners to help them get clarity and focus to monetise their businesses. I also consult in areas of organisational evolution, project portfolio management, digitalisation, transformation and HR strategy.

Zoe considers herself an expert on people + organizational behavior, people strategy, human experience creation. She offers strategic HR and business consulting and advisory along with coaching and facilitation for organisations and individuals.

Zoe has travelled, lived and worked around the globe including; North America, Europe and Asia, experiencing culture, people and perspectives across retail, brands, media, publishing and hospitality sectors working for iconic brands such as publishing house Condé Nast, home of Vogue, GQ, Tatler, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Wired etc, Burberry, Soho House Group, Hudson Holdings, Adidas, Diesel, Topshop/Topman and cruise brands Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Line. Zoe's style is business-focused, entrepreneurial and collaborative.

Zoe wrote her first fiction novel REVEALED, voted best seller on Amazon. Revealed was created and inspired by stories of personal growth and transformation and is a part of a series. 

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