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“Everyone has a story. Whether it's real or imagined, stories can bring joy, hope, perspective and richness to others. My extraordinary life; a blend of my experiences and inspirations I've written a fiction series to inspire others, help grow their courage to transform and evolve”

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“I've been secretly writing for years, I've spent hundreds of hours on airplanes, the space where I feel my most inspired and creative. For some years I have dreamed to taking time out to write but I didn't know the story. In 2020, I took the time to step away, get fully immersed into writing three novels - all of which represent a journey of personal transformation, from ego to humbleness the story is intended for TV as well as a book series"

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It's no coincidence that I wrote a story about lifes' evolution. Mental health impacts most of us at one point or another in our lives. It's how we respond and handle our reaction to situations and experiences. My thirst to learn about people, their behaviour, their thoughts led to take a professional path that's intrenched in psychology, cognition and neuro linguistic programming. I am fascinated by what each of us are moved by, inspired by and how this manifests in behaviour.


I haven't had what some people may see as a traditional life journey, from working and travelling the world on cruise ships, being a celebrity make up artist, reaching executive status in the corporate world to an entrepreneur. I have lived, travelled and worked around the globe, every experience has taught and shown me something unique and insightful for my life evolution. From the different facets of my career I realized I had a knack for connecting the dots. I tapped into my intuition and built the courage to take risks that would take my role — my life and my business — to the next level. I have trained my mindset towards the positive learnings, even in a challenging situations - this has become my gift to service others.

I strongly believe that my purpose is to help others with discovery of their core identity, values and purpose. Values drive our behavior, thoughts, actions and so much more. Drawing on my life experiences, I offer a unique and uncommon blueprint to my audience to step into courage, greatness and make a commitment to take action to manifest dreams.

Writing has been a path of reaching more self-awareness to help transform mindset, behaviors, thought patterns, and beliefs towards growth, embracing change, expanding choices, and shifting perspective on life - my series story is entwined and representative of our life's work to become actualised, transformed and ultimately fulfilled. I can help people through story telling.

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“Writing is so personal. For me it's been a healing experience and helped me dig into my courage to take a new direction in life

Zoe Walters

About my stories


Bright lights, big city. The promise of ambition takes

a U turn in tragedy and deception. 

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Curiosityenlightenment and truth are found with courage to take a  different path.

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A point of no return, unknowing to knowing Certainty and trust that life will unfold magnificently in a conscious way.

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Me - the writer.

My career has been fundamental to my lived experiences, I find joy in writing, a creative process where my imagination can run wild, where thoughts and feelings can be transformed into stories. I combine my long standing career as a HR Strategist and Coach with writing. I help others to get inspired to write by collaborating with other authors and networks to bring about connections, resources and motivation.

I along with contributors created this free download as a resource to aid, support and inspire other writers. Simply click below.

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