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You. Are. Everything.

Self love and self care and possibly the most under rated and the least priority on our to do lists. The fact is, it shouldn't even come on a to do list but that it simply is. Life starts with you, the love you show yourself sets the example in which others follow to love you. To have love for self, enables you to be able to give and receive love in the way you want.

1. Put yourself first.

Thats right, be your priority. Ensure you put your needs above any one else's.

2. Treat your body like a temple.

Its the only body you will have that takes you through this physical life. Replenish yourself with food and drink that makes your body feel great. You are what your eat so if you feel sluggish, tired and low on motivation, maybe your food regime needs an upskill.

3. Still the mind.

Spent 10 minutes each morning when you wake and before you sleep to do simple breathing exercises. This calms the mind and reduces anxiety.

4. Set intentions

Each day set your intention to bring the day in that you want to experience. Actively visualise what your day will look like. Watch what happens.

5. Self talk

Imagine that you have a small child inside of you, the self talk you have with yourself is also being told the child. If you show and talk to yourself in kindness, love and empathy you nurture yourself like you would a child you will learn to love yourself in a healthy way,

6. Be mindful.

About everything you do. practice this at various times in the day, walking, eating, reading. Be present in the moment and relish the beauty of it.

7. Be grateful.

When we are grateful for what we have and people around us, we bring more gratitude into our lives. This grounds us to feel humble and appreciative of the things in our lives, we experience more joy and bliss.

8. Focus.

Focus your thoughts and actions on things you value most.

9. Unconditional love.

Love others for all they are, as they are. When you truly accept others for who and what they are, the love you get in return will feel abundant. Love can come from all places and people, love is really all around us. Act in and with love starting with you and you will be amazed how much the world shows you love.

10. Patience

Have patience with you and for you, at times we need want things, people and experiences to be when we want at the time we want it. By practicing patience with yourself will allow you to truly be grateful for what you have in the moment and doesn't depends on something or someone else to feel good.

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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