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Taking it to the hammock! Episode 2. FRIENDSHIPS.

Friendships. Are those people in your life reasons, seasons or forevers?

Following on from my travels and reflections from my hammock in Koh Samui, I've been thinking about friendships...

At some point in your life you may question your inner circle and who is in it. At moments we decide to change jobs, homes, cars and sometimes lovers yet we seldom think of the people who are close to us/surround us if they continue to be good for and to us.

We humans are made of electrical neurons and cells that transmit energy to and from us. That means we are like magnets. Who you share energy with surely attracts the same... there is also a holistic belief for some that people and their behaviour are mirrors for us and to us. If you believe the same (I do), read on as I think this may resonate why the people are in your life.

People who are reasons: The word ‘reasons’ as the definition suggests are a 'cause' - consider a cause as our teachers, they appear during our journey of life to teach, show and perhaps aid us at a given moment in time. They aren’t supposed to stay around otherwise our journey may never continue onward, the point is they show us (whether we like what they teach us or not is another discussion!) and we move physically or emotionally as a result of that learning. Reasons are not usually your inner circle friends, it’s super likely that these may also challenge you and your way of thinking - this encourages growth of mindset and/or managing emotion and reaction.

People like seasons: these people drift in and out of your life, you share moments of emotion and feeling. They are like daffodils that spring up once every so often and feel sunny. They fade away and pop back up as and when. I’ll tell you a secret. These are acquaintances, not friends and they aren’t likely to keep your words safe - seasons are just that, a moment in time.

Friends forever. Aka BFF, Bestie, twin flame, soulmate. I smile as I write this because my forevers feel like sunshine. These are your inner circle peops that love you unconditionally as you are. They have your back, they feed your soul and you choose to spend your precious time with them. You may have one or two in your lifetime, what a blessing to find those cherished souls that being you joy, comfort and no judgement. Bliss.

Great people that we have a connection or infinity towards aren’t so easy to find so cherish and find a loving space to be grateful for all your reasons, seasons and forevers. You are who you are because of your experiences and people who have come in and out of your life so maybe its worth sitting back and reflecting on your reasons, seasons and forevers - be grateful what they bring to you and/or teach you. If you feel there are friendships take all your energy and bring nothing but drama and stress, maybe you need a friend detox and remove them from your life. #justsaying

For my 'forevers', you know who you are and I love you to the core. Thank you.

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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