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Taking it to the hammock. Episode 4.

Reflection is top of my radar for the past few weeks. My Thailand adventure may be over yet its lasting effects are still in play...

I admit its taken me a couple of weeks to write this final episode of my Asia adventure in Thailand, I'm in deep reflection and gratitude for my freedom of the past few months. I returned to the UK stronger, grounded, peaceful and cleansed emotionally and physically. I feel different. Liberated and free.

Reflection is something we might do from time to time often at moments when least expected, I’ve learnt it’s absolutely crucial to clock out of the norm, still the mind and reflect regularly. Actively Listening to your inner voice, your body and thoughts give you all the answers and signs needed to live the best life.

I’ve done copious amounts of watching the ocean over these last weeks. I’ve swam in, snorkelled, floated on, sailed across the sea and enjoyed all experiences of such beauty and power of our nature. It struck me that the ocean represents our thoughts and emotions, they often look calm and still, flat, glasslike, turbulent waves, swirls and currents (and that’s just the surface you can see). I believe another world exists in our ocean - so powerful - more than we can ever imagine.

In 2004, Thailand experienced the most tragic Tsunami that took many lives - if we can imagine that the power of the ocean we have no control over. Mother Nature cannot be controlled or manipulated. We can only accept that it is.

That’s reflective of us as humans. Our emotions like the ocean ebb and flow, for no reason they can change - the thing I learnt is it’s beautiful that we can experience accept and learn to be ok with movement.

Here’s my top takeaways from my own reflection to 'being' and 'accepting'.

  1. Still the mind. Whatever your meditation or ‘thing is’ go within. By closing the eyes helps us to reduce stimulus from the outside. Check your body for tension (if it helps, follow a body scan on youtube) and watch your breath. Your thoughts will want to roam and that's fine, just return to the breath when you become aware.

  2. Allow emotions and thoughts to rise up, be curious about them and welcome them no matter how painful they might be. Remember the ebb and flow. Emotions come and they go - just remember that nothing is permanent, things shift and move. Try not to dismiss your thoughts, let them go and return to paying attention to your breathing.

  3. Be curious about what can you learn from your thoughts and experiences? There is learning in everything, from the good, the bad the ugly. There is always something to learn, listen and reflect upon. These are key messages in your life, paying attention can help you develop your intuition (aka your very own internal sat nav/gps!).

  4. Forgive yourself, whatever your past and baggage is, forgiveness is key to moving forward positively. Wish great health and love to everyone despite whatever they have brought to you. If you wish nice things for others, you wish nice things for yourself.

  5. There isn't anything you cannot do with the right mindset, to reflect and take ownership of your life and your choices is the ultimate freedom. Keep a journal or write down thoughts, feelings and your choices - you may see patterns or have aha moments to learn from...

As I conclude my travel memoirs, I have learnt that I am the ocean, I am the sunshine, I am the only person that can reflect for me, think of me and decide for me. Feels great to be the CEO of my life and I am so looking forward to the next adventure in London.

Ciao for now. Nameste.

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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