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Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall

It's March 2019, I'm acutely aware of the pace, the speed and demands from this wonderful thing we call life - it seems faster than ever, just when I think there's a break coming, the pace increases. The faster we get the more its necessary to self care. Care of self before others, before anyone and anything. Before your life as it stands today started with you. Do you believe in the law of attraction or universal law? Of manifestation of your desires and wants? Do you hold limiting self beliefs and decisions that prevent you from getting to what and where you want? Well, until you prioritise your self, your care and your health I assure you couldn't be further away from living your best life - the GREAT news is that its all good. You have the power in your hands to make any decisions you want when you shed the restricting of limited beliefs and decisions.

To make it easy I will share one very crucial secret that will change everything about how you perceive and live your life. YOU, are YOUR biggest project that you will ever start, influence, execute and finish in your life. YOU can make the time for what's important to you and only you can decide on that.

If you consider thoughts as a transmitter to the universe, would it surprise you that all your thoughts and inner dialoague transmits energetically to the universe who is compelled to deliver what you ask for. (read all about laws of attraction from Deepak Chopra, Louise Hays, Rhonda Byrne, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins.... I could go on). What you are feeling, thinking within you is what you are attracting.

1. Literally, go take a look in your mirror and see what thoughts comes back, be aware of what you think, believe and tell yourself what you believe to be true.

2. Does your thoughts and feelings support where you are in the life today?

3. Make a decision to dedicate time to you as your biggest project (you can whatever your life circumstances, its all down to choices), you might want to make excuses why not and no time, if you are happy with exactly the way your life - that's awesome, the truth is many people aren't feeling satisfied or content with their life and aren't aware they can change it).

4. use your time on social and internet wisely, read about all the things I mention above and consider 5 - 10 minutes of meditation each day - this is the best start you can make that you can make.

5. Remember everyone is different and has different views and perspectives there are lots of resource and help to guide you available for free. Once you make the decision to commit, the universe will start showing up and guiding you, you just gotta listen.

Be inspired, do something that makes you giddy with excitement and creativity, you only need look in the mirror and listen to what comes back. You are your best friend and your finest project, you only need learn to trust and believe in you, your thoughts, your feelings and intuition.

Mirror mirror on the wall, I am the fairest of them all.

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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