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HOME . . . there's no place like it. Where is it...?

What exactly is home and where can you find it may seem an odd thing to consider.

I've recently thought about home and what it means to me. I question if its a phys

ical place or space I feel connected to, or is it a way of being or a feeling?

I'm closer to knowing what I call home and I wanted to share this as I sense that as I (and many others) move around the planet, we live all over the world, so where is home? I've lived and worked in different countries and I noticed how I always referred to 'going back home' when returning to the UK (my birthplace) but is that really what I mean by going to coming home.

What does home signify to me?

Comfort, sanctuary, safety, warmth, peaceful, forgiving, nurturing, sacred, precious, belonging, haven and ultimately the place I can call my own space.

So what happens when I leave my 'home', or do I ever leave it?

Do you leave a physical space or can you feel all those things I described within me? Sure I can. When I;m in meditation, I can be anywhere, anytime and feel comfort, safety, warmth, peaceful etc.... so that means I can come 'home' anytime no matter where I am right?


A topic I am continuing to explore as my journey of life continues in its wonderful glory. Would be great to hear what you feel is home and why?

Leave your comment below...

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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