The majority of us have heard words come out of own mouths, from the mouths of our family, friends, neighbours, colleagues 'if only I had more time' 'I've run out of time' 'never enough hours in the day', 'If I had time I would exercise, I would read more, I would sleep more, I would spend more time with my family' sound familiar to you?

It's March 2020, we are amongst the Covid19 pandemic, many of us housebound or having to spend the majority of our time in our own four walls with ourselves and a few select others. From a place of not enough time, we are now experiencing the opposite, I read and hear the words 'I'm bored', 'I'm stuck inside with nothing to do', 'I can't because...'

Amongst this global life threatening virus, there is a distinct message for each and every one of us. For those that are indoors and relatively healthy, we have been given time, precious time for ourselves, our loved ones, relationships and people, time for cleansing our homes our heads and our hearts. We have time to consider how life will be different from this life changing moment in time and our experiences.

Many of us are consumed with material posessions, distraction of all kinds, choices in all aspect of our lives, with so much of everything, do we really know what's of utmost importance to us? Do you know what's really important to you and why?

We, (I include myself), have been given this gift of time. Time to spend in our homes we pay a lot of money to live in, the safety and security of our comfort with people we cherish, we have been given time to cleanse ourselves, to reflect on life, what's important and who is important.

Time is something we can never get back, we aren't able to turn back the clock. We can change jobs in the future, get a new one, money will continue to ebb and flow, health may fluctuate, possessions and things brought and sold. Is now the time to do all the things we have been wishing to have time for?

Take a moment because you now have moments in abundance, you now have time. Time to reflect, time to connect, time to be creative, time to cook, time to cleanse, to learn, to educate, to watch, to read, to exercise, to lose weight, to talk to people you love.

This GIFT is right in front of us to see things differently to get a new perspective, to ask yourself what changes you want to make. What will you look back in time to come and say that because of this situation you made the best of it and as a result life got better. There are no excuses, no reasons why we can't learn, why we can't break old habits and create new habits that change our lives for the better.

So what are you going to do with your precious time? It may be the only chance you get to radically transform something you wish for, the moment is now, time waits for no one, our mind is the only thing that creates our limitation of beliefs, NOW is the time to improve you, to improve your relationships, to do something different for the better. Soon our lives will shift to a new 'norm', we will soon be in a moment where we are wishing to have more time.

Find courage to savour and spend wisely your gift of time.

Stay safe, be well

Zoe x

Zoe is a people expert and awareness/transitional/personal development coach, educated in Psychology, Human Resources, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Meditation, Time Line Therapy.

This article is based on my personal experience perspective.