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Opportunity knocks.

There's moments in life where opportunities are open for a fleeting moment, I realise for me my life to this point has been to prepare for one single life changing moment. A moment where I took a leap without a second thought and simply said YES.

Until recently I didn't have clarity on my purpose, because of my lack of clarity, I hadn't realised that I needed to align and unlock my creative skills, to have courage to take a new direction with only self belief and intuition as my guiding north star.

I am not a risk adverse person when it comes to opportunity, I have climbed the corporate ladder working for amazing brands at executive level, all which I have learnt so much from, used the learning, continuously developed (and continue to evolve) myself mentally, spiritually, using the integrity of the profession I have spent years educating and crafting.

An opportunity recently came about for me, one I realised a life changing moment. I took it, I'm embracing it and I accept that life would change profoundly for me from this point forward. Have I had moments of being paralysed with fear? Yes, it happens, I'm human, I feel the fear and do it anyway.

What is the next adventure hold for me? I dare to be bold, I dare to dream to wish because I believe I have the grit, the commitment and determination to go beyond the sky, beyond my own perceived limitations. I am writing my first fan fiction novel based on a story of personal development, a story of healing and spirituality. I will birth this book in the hope that this will help people to consciously create their own reality, to manifest their desired life. Florence, the main character experiences drama and experiences that changes her life, forcing transformation of how she thinks and feels, healing her heart enabling her to manifest her desires. It requires the reader to go on a journey within them as they read, inspiring positive change in a time where people are looking for hope. From there my desire to be bring awareness of education and resources to people wanting to find their purpose and fulfillment in life.

This year will be forever remembered in history around the globe for Covid19, its tragic mark left on our hearts and in our minds, I will also remember this time for a life changing moment when I said yes to opportunity, knowing life will never be the same. Now is the time, our time to take the leap and just have trust it will all work out for the best.

Instagram: @zoe_nichole_writer

facebook: @zoenicholewriter

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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