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2020 the new world, the new reality

We are on the verge of a new world, a new reality. What will happen in the next phase of 2020 is a question on all of our minds. Not all of us see change as positive, however, we experience change every day of our lives whether it's conscious or not. We should all prepare for a new norm in the coming weeks, with some certainty that our new reality will continue to transform and evolve no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it may feel. Human beings have a need for certainty, there are some things we can do to create certainty within us, it's all within our mindset.

PEOPLE... how they think and feel may have significantly changed through Covid19, are you still the same person? Are they? Maybe, maybe not. Compassion and kindness for everyone, especially for those who are in deep grief, showing support in our communities will be required in our new world.

TIME... people will value time differently, how precious time is because we never get it back, time is a great healer, some need more time than others, in our new world we will need patience with ourselves and others.

HEALTH... many of us are experiencing changes in our relationship with our bodies and our minds. Conscious of what we are eating, drinking and thinking, many of us have started new habits that I believe we are all conscious of. In our new world, we will be more respectful of our health, we recognise health is our wealth.

MONEY... how people spend money will change, our new world see's a more conscious spender, valuing the things they choose to spend money on, our new reality is that we might all earn a bit less but we can adjust our lives to be dependant on doing more things from within our homes, we can be more efficient, our new world we will be more generous with on fewer things that we spend our hard earned money on.

FREEDOM... our new reality is that we may need to consider how we impact our world by travelling and moving around the planet, mother nature will continue to exist long after we will, sustainability will become the norm. Our new world will need more gratitude for the things we have and the freedom we have to choose how we live our lives.

FUN... our new reality is that we have discovered new ways to have fun with people we love, with our friends, pets, families, our new world we find love in all we do.

There are some things that will continue regardless of our choices; the sun will rise and fall, the ocean will ebb and flow, nature will continue to evolve. Are you ready for our new world, our new reality? By being conscious how compassionate, how kind, how grateful and much love you express, may be the only things you need to embrace our new world, our new reality.

Stay safe, stay sane. Our new world awaits.

Zoe x

Zoe is a people expert and awareness/transitional/personal development coach, educated in Psychology, Human Resources, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Meditation, Time Line Therapy.

This article is based on my personal experience and/or perspective.

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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