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Is Flexibility the new norm?

We are weeks into lockdown, I’ve lost count of days, weeks, months, like so many of us I have become used to be in the confines of my home. I admit I have become happy to be indoors, I like the reclusively and self reflection this time has brought about, so much so that I'm not sure I will ever want to work in an office full time again. Drastic... maybe? Do others feel the same which brings me to the point. Flexible working.

I have been chewing over the flexible working quandary for quite some time, long before Covid19 arrived. When I say flexible working, I don't mean for parents, carers and those that need to work flexibility, that should be a given. I am talking about everyone having the choice to work flexibly. Whilst some companies offer some kind of version of flexible working arrangements there is still some way to go in my view, trust being the elephant in the room (if we are really being honest).

What if your organisation not only survived but thrived during this ambiguous and uncertain period of time? Covid19 has without doubt brought about disruption on the largest scale we may EVER experience, and, if we think about it critically, this huge test has forced us to do things differently which we can learn from and indeed take positive action from.

According to our good friend Google, in 2020, it was estimated c35% of the global workforce would be millennial (pre Covid19). In the UK and USA between 67% - 70% of those millennials would like to be able to work flexibly. For newer generations, flexible working is not a benefit, it's a given, its expected. So this tells us something right there, we need to embrace flexible working for everyone.

What if we took it one step further? Do you know the outcome of flexible working and its impact to your business yet? I bet your bottom dollar, pound, euro (whatever currency floats your boat) there are some pretty profound results that you can take a clear direction of travel from to use this key learning for future benefit. I think it's fair to say that many of you who read this will at least consider reviewing your flexible working more closely, taking that step further to strengthen your proposition, it may gain new admirers and advocates for your brand - there are a lot of people looking for their next opportunity (there is no security for anyone in this new norm).

Why not bring about positive change and fully embrace flexible working as your new norm?

Just a thought.


Zoe is a people expert and awareness/transitional/personal development coach, educated in Psychology, Human Resources, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Meditation, Time Line Therapy.

All views are based on individual perspective.

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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