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Are you living life on AUTOPILOT?

Everybody has a dream. What’s your dream?

You have a dream, a desire to find, be or go to something, someone or somewhere. The difference between your dream and it becoming reality is the actions you take towards your dream. Stop hitting the snooze button and start living your life consciously. Stop living life on autopilot.

Sure, you can set annual goals, then not look at them until one year later after hitting the snooze button of life repeatedly, and be surprised when you are living same s*!t, different day. The same old, same old. Except you are a year older.

Dare to dream BIG, dare to imagine, visual and aspire for the dream AND follow it up with conscious, deliberate, awakened, consistent action, you are assured to achieve your desire. Knowing you are making progress towards your dream creates learning moments that builds confidence and resilience.

Steps to conscious living in the moment:

🔆 Be present, here and now. Affirm. I am here and now.

🔆 Tap into your senses sound, touch, smell, taste, sight.

🔆 Set an intention of how you want your day/your experience to be

🔆 Learn something new every day

🔆 Do something creative or an activity

🔆 Practice mindfulness or meditation

🎙️ Podcast Episode #16. Are you living on Autopilot HERE


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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