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Fake it till you make it. Can we really master motivation?

Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

Are you the person who always seems motivated, driven and ambitious to move mountains every day? The action taker that waits for nothing or no one to achieve? The effortless ease of smiling through the day, breezing over the relentless tasks with unwavering dedication to your success?


Are you the person that rides the motivational rollercoaster? One minute, strong inclination to achieve and riding the wave of ambition, the next, motivation seems like walking through a pool of treacle? From hope to hopelessness, from a spring in the step to a reservoir or lethargy.

What is motivation?

The desire to take action, to service, to achieve a goal. Its the driving force that sits behind human behaviour. Motivation helps us strive towards goal attainment. Motivation is the very reason we act or behave in a specific way. Motivation may occur through internal forces such as values, beliefs, needs, interests and external forces such as reward, money and social influence. Motivation can be linked to values, the rules in which we apply those values and the alignment between our values, beliefs and the reality of the life we are living.

Purposeful living.

With a clear identity, purpose and values, we are more likely to find an internal intrinsic motivation. When we are living in alignment between our heads and our hearts, we are naturally more enthused, more engaged and present in life, we are far more likely to experience sustainable motivation. Our natural energy and zest for life is unlimited.

What happens when we slide off the motivation train? That’s where accountability helps to keep focus and momentum, it’s natural for us to have inspired moments where motivation is high, in great health versus poor health is an example where motivation can be impacted. Having an accountability partner provides the support structure and reminds us our why, our purpose - if we are truly aligned to these, we quickly see and feel a connection back to our why, motivation increases.

Five tips to increase your motivation:

  1. Write down your values and what’s important to you.

  2. Do a vision board of your future life. Use color, pictures, include what you see, taste, touch, smell, feel - who and what is around you, your relationships, love, career, home, money - go into as much detail as possible.

  3. Develop a set of goals that take you towards your future life

  4. Use visualisation techniques such as guided meditations

  5. Feel grateful for all the things you have right now and really feel the appreciation

🎙️ Episode #12 Mastering Motivation HERE


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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