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Do you set new goals each year? Do you achieve them all? FANTASTIC if you do - perhaps you can share your insights to help others.

A good number of us reflect and realise we didn't get what we wanted or it wasn't what we expected. There's a number of reasons why we don't get what we truly want.

1. What is your desire. Make a list and prioritise them. Pick ONE, max TWO goals for the year.

2. What is this important to you? It can't be because you HAVE to or SHOULD. Your way has to be strong, profound.

3. What will life be like when you have this desire/goal? What will be different, improved or changed. Feel what that means.

4. What has stopped you in the past from getting your goal? You'll need to think about what habits you need to be successful.

Grab a pen and paper, let's get clarity and on the path to success!

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