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Having Peace: is it hard to find?

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October, the month of such transition as we head towards another change in season. Mercury Retrograde the ruler of communication goes direct mid October. This energy can bring chaos. This month we want to think about inner being and finding peace. As we head into the holiday season we are likely to get caught up in festivities, financial pressures of the materialistic tendencies we engage in, we may find ourselves having inner turmoil and chaos.

It’s time to discover The Peaceful You.

What is having wealth? What is being rich? What is being abundant? What do you think of when you hear these words? Take a moment to consider what these words mean to you.

Some people may consider these words in relation to money. Hard core cash (and usually lack of it). We can use those words in the context of financial, look beyond the physical and material world.

Is there a price on having peace? What does having peace mean and feel like?

Is there a price on having richness in your life through friendships, hobbies and interests that bring you such joy?

Is there a price on having an abundant mindset which focuses on what you have and being grateful for all that you do have. An abundant mindset is the opposite of a lack mindset.

How wealthy are you?

How rich are you?

How abundant are you?

Even in the toughest moments of our lives, even with grief and pain we can still feel wealthy, rich and abundant within ourselves. The quality of our thoughts and feelings is what drives our peace.

Being peaceful feels untouchable, when you float through a day, week, month where you find yourself untouched by others' panic, stress, emotions, actions and behaviours that are from a place within us that is grounded and at peace.

Another way to describe peace and tranquility within, feeling of serenity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not feel irritated, annoyed or to embrace others feelings and emotions as our own? When we get still and connect within ourselves, we can find peace, when we have found it and know how to get back to it, its a resource we can always return to, it doesn’t depend on anything that holds material or financial weight. Peace is something we can cultivate within us. Meditation and mindfulness practices help us to discover, learn and raise our awareness of what we are doing, why we are doing it and only then can we, with awareness, make conscious choices about how we want to shift our mindset and state.

Start the day with a mantra. ‘I have peace within me and I reserve the right to discern how I spend my time and who I spend it with’, using this as an affirmation will help to keep peace at the forefront of your mind.

Peace Meditations available on YouTube (search peace guided meditations)


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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