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How strong is your ripple? 🌊

How positive is your ripple effect? You have one, everyone does.

The Ripple Effect is powerful, you, me, we, us are all powerful creators. In psychological terms; The ripple effect means that each of us creates (words, actions, behaviour) an impact often without consciousness or intention. We are so conditioned by our past experiences to respond in a specific way to situation, an event, a person - we have learned to create and repeat or a habit.. Everything we do has an impact on others i.e the ripple effect.

Have you watched or ever thrown a stone or pebble into a calm river, lake or ocean? What happens? A splash followed by a cascading ripple which continues to expand until the ripple has no effect. What happens if the river, lake or ocean is turbulent and choppy? The splash happens but the ripple doesn’t register with all the turbulence in the water.

Our ripple can create a big impact or it gets lost in chaos. When we learn to use our ripple with positive and good intent at the right time, we can really help bring a shift in energy, positivity, momentum and motivation to you and others whether you see it or not, others experience whatever ripple you create.

Would you like more positive impact as a leader, parent, partner, teacher, friend? You can, simply knowing your ripple effect and adjusting it accordingly. You never know who is watching, listening and learning from you. 👀

Check out The Coach House Club Podcast Episode #4 The Ripple Effect HERE


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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