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It's all about the E.N.E.R.G.Y ⚡

ENERGY is EVERYTHING. We are all made of energy - we create a powerful ripple effect with our energy. Our energy impacts others, it also acts as an energetic transmitter that attracts and repels others. There is a thing or two we can learn from plants.


Do you know how to create that abundant energy that others are so attracted to?

It’s not food, sleep or anything you absorb - it’s something within us that is self propelling, self generating and undeniable when we have it. We have internal energy centers, when balanced help us to feel youthful, invincible, peaceful and strong. Having this kind of energy is like a drug that keeps giving. It’s having purpose, having motivation, feeling inspired and wanting to take massive action. HELL YES. We all want this type of energy. It

How do plants survive? What makes plants thrive? Hint: they are driven by their environment and conditions. They come with instructions with what soil, what shade, what temperate and their general needs. Plants need very little to thrive, they only need the conditions met to flourish. If it works for plants, it can work for humans. If we put ourselves in the right conditions we get the right nutrients, energy that makes us thrive. In fact we need very little, only to know our instructions.

How we learn our own instructions comes over time, we make mistakes, we hopefully learn and grow from those, noting along the way how we feel, what we respond to best, who and what feeds us to feel alive, what environment we are in when we truly thrive. We can spend years finding out what makes our perfect environment and, if we are really clued up about ourselves we take the time to work on understanding and knowing about ourselves, then we can plant ourselves where we best thrive and communicate to others how to best handle us.

Quick tips to thriving;

- know what soil (environment) you are best suited to

- know what you need to consume to thrive (education, water, food)

- unconditional care and attention for our authentic selves (love)

- know we are safe (protection)

🎧 Podcast: Episode #9. It's all about the E.N.E.R.G.Y HERE


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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