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Loving the skin you're in.

Ageing is mental and physical. We are the product of our environment, our choices, our decisions and experiences. From the inside out, how can we age and help ourselves to feel youthful and vibrant. We are energy, when we radiate a high frequency energy we are automatically more youthful. There isn’t one thing that makes us timeless, it’s a combination of a few; what we consume: body, spirit, soul, food, drink. Balance in our lives, careers, emotions that create harmony, being physically active and pain free, getting more sleep are all attributes to our ageing process.

We cannot stop time, it’s a wonderful privilege to age - each day living with a grateful, abundant mindset can reduce stress. Here are some tips to feel amazing (and youthful!)

*Brain training, continue to learn - from experts, motivational people, podcasts, books, TV etc.

*Consume food + water that help our bodies ease with age.

*Good quality sleep.

*Physical exercise- walking, stretching, breath-work.

*Having sex relaxes us into the present moment.

*Practicing attitude of gratitude helps us to allow and be present, relieve stress.

*Having fun, laughter is a feel good factor.

Here's more context on this weeks Podcast


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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