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Mental Health MATTERS

Every day, not just a week or a day. You have mental health, you have a state of being and where you emotionally operate from whether that is positive or negative.

We shy away from talking about it because it's uncomfortable. Dealing with your mental health in silence is a recipe for more discomfort and physical illness within you. Try talking to a trusted friend or professional and experience the relief and shift towards neutrality. Our emotions are energy a have to be expressed in one form or another.

I talk about neutrality - what I mean is the place where we can sit in peace without a response. The place where we are not triggered or charged positively or negatively. When we feel low or at dis-ease it feels too big a leap to get into positivity, if we can shift into neutrality, the discomfort eases, the step towards positivity seems more do-able.

Experts are all around us; I'm tapping into those sources and sharing them right here ⬇️


Dr Joe Dispenza. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.


Heal Documentary (Amazon Prime TV, Netflix)

E-motions (Gaia TV)

Learning about self, understanding self we have a better chance of knowing how to move ourselves from one perspective to another.


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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