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When we work in an organisation, we usually have an appraisal or review periodically to assess and reflect on how we are doing individually and collectively. Do we ever really do this routinely for ourselves, our life in general? Maybe it's time to do a self review of your life.

If you are blissfully happy, do you know what the ingredients are to your happiness? If you had to write down your ingredients and recipe - could you? This is the exact reflection I'm referring to. If you aren't happy in one or more areas of your life, apply the same methodology to understand what contributes to your unhappiness.

If you can't write the ingredients or recipe of your happiness/unhappiness, how do you know what to do when something changes and you need to start/stop/continue what you need to do to be in physical, emotional and mental state you desire?

If we all take space and time to reflect we can learn and raise awarenesses about ourselves, when we understand what our needs are, we have a better chance of course correcting back to happiness when things go topsy turvy and be able to communicate to others what our needs and wants are.

How to reflect. There are a few ways to do this, here's a simple easy way that will get you into reflection.

- give yourself the gift of uninterrupted time (recommend to do by self first and then with your significant other after)

- write down columns headers HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY, CAREER (and any other headings important - I'd would stick to these 4 for the moment)

- write down the achievements over your given period for each header (if you have already set goals, review those too)

- write down the areas you haven't quite gotten where you want to be in all the headers, or what you haven't successfully achieved YET (and use this as your goals for the future)

- be honest about where you are versus where you want to be for each header

- write down one goal that is aligned to the direction you want to take your life and break that goal into small tasks and actions to get you there.

This weeks podcast is about reflection 🎧 HERE


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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