Secret sauce: Visualising your SUCCESS⚡

We have a conscious and unconscious mind, the unconscious mind is that runs the body and thoughts. Our brain does not know the difference between wake, sleep, conscious, unconscious - so our thoughts and feelings regardless are signals to our mind to take action. Visualisation is so so powerful on the basis that we quite literally trick our brains into thinking that what we want is already in our possession.

That's the law of attraction, manifestation.

Get super clear on what you want and then we have to visualise how life is with our desire in place. Sometimes we may not know exactly but its fun to use our creativity and imagination to really create the vision we want. Visualisation exercises are quite simple: - meditation. Using breath work and the power of imagination, tap into the colours, sounds, tastes, feeling, smell. What is your world like once you have your goal. - use gratitude. Say thank you for all the richness of your visualisation and be grateful for the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing and for the reality of your desire (Act as if you have the thing you want already) - use the power of intention. I will... I am... use positive affirmations - write and draw with color, signs, symbols, express your desure in the way that feels good to you, write words (intention, affirmations) - keep your visualisation somewhere you can see it - align your habits and actions towards your goal - taking massive consistent action will take you the distance (and get an accountability buddy if it helps!).


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