The Coach House Club Episode #18. Blooming or Burnout?

Are you blooming in life, feeling a sense of flow and ease - a great connection to all things around you. You feel content, hopeful, encouraged and eager to experience day to day activities with positivity. You have your shine on!


Are you feeling consumed by work or a specific situation which is monopolising your time, energy excessively. You feel irritated, unclear, agitated, moody, annoyed, discontent, frustrated and tired - burying yourself into work or a specific activity relentlessly even though you know you probably should take your foot off the gas and take time to stop, reflect and listen to your body. Burnout can creep up on you, slowly but surely, if left undetected can lead to severe mental and physical health challenges.

Be your own detective and discover how you are fairing in life right now. Read this weeks blog which has links to discover more.

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