The Coach House Club podcast. E7. S2. Putting a SPRING in your step ⭐️

The seasonal changes represent a natural energetic time to make shifts. From goal setting, intention and visualisation in early part of the year, post holidays we can now prepare to nourish our goals, desires just like we do plants and flowers. Time clocks usually change (depending where you are in the world), reminding us of change. Spring is transformative time, you can prepare your environment to allow the desires and wishes to flourish and grow.

Think of your home. Is it full with things? Some of those things you no longer need or have any use for you - passing them on to others to love and make great use is a good way to feed our karmic energy whilst making space for new. Not just the physical and material, this is transferrable to your mental and emotional self. Releasing what no longer works for you or is good for you will create the necessary space that is ready for your new desires to grow.

Use this amazing energy as we step into spring but cleansing and clearing your physical and emotional space for you to grow. This is a cycle that is ongoing, it's not a one off task, this is at the core of self care.

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