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Where is your emotional HOME?

Home is where the heart is? OR, is the heart where the home is?

Many of us have heard the expression 'home is where the heart is', perhaps there is another perspective when we start to explore the world of meditation and mindfulness.

Is home a physical location, a feeling or an emotion? Where do you live emotionally? Where is your emotional home? An emotional home we default to, is usually the place where we feel comfort; however, it doesn’t always serve us well to stay in that emotional home. Think about your own life, how many times have you moved home? Did you move out of your parents home? Move into a marital home, move out of a friend, moved to upsize or downsize? What was the reason you moved?

Because it no longer served your purpose, your situation or your circumstances. During your move, you also had to cleanse and do some form of organising to prepare. Your emotional home is the same, with one big fat difference - we are more fearful to handle, manage and organise our emotions because we simply aren't sure of the outcome, it's unfamiliar. Rest assured, change is inevitable, nothing stays the same, not the world, not our bodies or any material possession and if you aren't in charge of the change, it will change you. You will outgrow your emotional home, with physical age its a natural and necessary evolution.Mentally, we grow and gather wisdom our lived experiences shape the way we think about people and the world around us , which is why we need to ensure our emotional home is one that serves us and we regularly check in to ensure our home is fit for purpose.

This requires doing some emotional work to explore where home really is. Mediative and gratitude practices help to create and build awareness. Other therapies such as hypnosis and time line therapy also aid this type of work.

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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