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Who’s driving your car? 🚗

Metaphorically speaking, we all have a car (life) which we are driving (living), the question is who is in charge of your destination (your reality). Stepping into our own power literally means that we are being the owner, driver and conscious creator of our own reality. Have you felt as though others have been making decisions for you, that you have no say about? You either feel invisible, cajoled or pacified so you go along with decisions that benefit others and not you?

Do you are feel as though you are a people pleaser. Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon that is REAL. We can overcome our fears when we put focus and energy into consciously creating our own reality, having our own voice and not comparing ourselves to others and allowing others to speak on our behalf. No one has your experience, no one has you walked your path, you are uniquely you.

If your answer is yes, you believe you are driving your own car, this is awesome, you feel in control of your decisions and choices. To get to a whole new layer of conscious decision making, you can really ask your inner being if this choice or decision is right for you. Your body will respond physically to your question - literally. (you will feel a sense of peace and comfort in your body to confirm it's the right thing, or you will experience unrest, uncertainty or physical pain if the answer is no).

If the answer is no, it’s simple for you to make a decision right now to make your own choices and decisions, truthfully, no one gets the right to manage, control or manipulate your decisions, not your employer, not your partner, not your family, children, friends or society. Putting in personal boundaries is necessary. People who love, like and respect you will abide by those boundaries, those who want to abuse them do not have your interests in their mind. They are not necessarily bad people, they are operating from a place of their own mindset.

You have a GPS/Sat Navigation which is so darn smart, is called gut instinct. Rarely do we go anywhere without the aid of a directional resource in our cars, we plug in the address even though we know where we are going at time. On a holistic level we can all lean in and use our internal instincts to guide us. We simply have to pay attention. When we can listen to our own inner guidance, we will be on the right destination, the right path, the right journey. We only need to drive our own car, turn on the GPS and trust we will take the right path and journey that is for us. Sure we can still make decisions every step of the way to start, stop, change course and how is with us. This metaphor pretty much sums up how we can step into our own power i.e by taking our own decisions we are making our intention clear, we are using our own resources to navigate the way and we are in full control of our destination.


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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