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Transition in Motion. Have you been to an airpor

Airports. Are. Fascinating.

Next time you go to any airport, sit and observe the people around you and passers by. Feel the excitement, stress, adrenalin, bewilderment, sleep deprivation, sadness, anxiety, wonder, and all emotions in between. Couples walking hand in hand strolling with a smile, some running dodging others in their path, their wheeled suitcases tripping and banging into ankles and knees. Tuts, sighs, smiles and laughter. Lost looks and frantic words exchanged between people. The sheer amount of communication verbal and non verbal at its peak. Its truly eye opening witnessing with curiosity all those people in your path.

Being at an airport indicates huge transition, a holding space until we physically and emotionally go to another place. Airports can be a time where we often do a huge amount of reflection yet this precious time can be eaten by distractions on all levels. Such a metaphor for our lives when something is about to change or happen.

Stop. For. A. Minute.

Everyone is on their journey, even though there are huge boards that state the destination on, that’s just going A to B. The journey goes far beyond a runway, it’s a mere stepping stone to someone, somewhere or something else.

I write this because I have spent hundreds of hours at airports. Doing all of what I described above only, now I reflect, observe, watch and ponder the journey ahead.

My conclusion is that everyone is on a journey, it never stops. We are constantly in transition so isn't it wonderful to know what we humans manage change and transition continuously and even though there are stressful and joyful moments, transition really is another part of our life experience to embrace and relish.

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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