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The Coach House Club podcast. E10. S2. How HEALTHY are you? ⭐️

How are you prioritising your health? What areas of your life do you connect to Health? There are a few domains that when interconnected and balanced will lead you to a more happier, purpose driven, value driven, holistic self.

Why would that be important? We often talk about 'parts' of ourselves, 'part of me says yes', 'part of me says no', 'I'm divided between this or that'. Think back to those times when you have indecision because your heart says one thing, your head says another. If you want more time doing the things you love and have meaning to you, for friendship, for travel, for fun, for joy, if you want love, energy, financial stability etc then it all starts with being your authentic self, then you know truly what and who is important to you, you'll focus your time, energy and effort into all the things that make you feel ALIVE.

Psychologist Carl Jung related these 'parts' to Archtypes or aspects of our shadow self within us which we often neglect or reject as a part of our being. To feel grounded, balanced and fulfilled, it is necessary to consider all aspects of ourselves and to integrate all these parts within us. Then our parts become whole and we have a profound feeling of connectedness to self, others and our world.

Here is an extract from McKinsey Insights from a post on LinkedIn about our domains.

💪🏽Physical health - the extent to which an individual can competently perform physical activities and tasks without substantial discomfort.

💡Mental health - an individual’s cognitive, behavioral, and emotional state of being that allows them to cope with normal stresses and adverse events while maintaining a positive and realistic sense of self.

🤝🏾Social health - an individual’s ability to build healthy, nurturing, and genuine relationships with the capacity to both receive and provide support.

🧩Spiritual health - enables people to integrate meaning and purpose in their lives through connection to something larger than themselves (for example, a community, a calling, or a form of divinity).

I'd add the elephant in the room (that's not included in McKinsey insights) that the ego is the primary reason of our disconnect (and there's plenty of research available on the ego I will list out separately if curious to continue self enquiry), we ALL have an ego and we need our ego to keep us regulated and safe, however, when we live dependant on our social ego and allow it to dominate our way of being, we can never truely integrate our parts. Read McKinsey Research

Listen to The Coach House Club podcast. E10. S2. How HEALTHY are you? ⭐️ HERE


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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