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Taking it to the Hammock. Episode 1. THE HAMMOCK

My good friend Lindsay always refers to her hammock as a sacred place, a time where she connects with herself, her feelings/emotions - a place for reflection and contemplation. Out of sheer curiousity, I brought a hammock last summer and profoundly, it has become a place that signifies inner thinking and reflection for me (and I thought she was nuts). As I travel to the beautiful Thai Island of Koh Samui, I take my thoughts straight to the hammock to contemplate love, life and laundry...

Bliss. Connectivity. Peace. Reflection. A good check in with self is top of my priorities this next month and I’m taking my self care to the max. Its been a tiring and very fabulous few months, I’ve been brave to take some life decisions and steer my life journey in a different direction. Call it whatever you want; mid life crisis or sheer bizarreness, I don’t really care for the label, I know I am transforming from the inside out and my extraordinary life is just that; extraordinary. I am learning to embrace and appreciate that more and more.

First things first, I arrive at the beautiful resort of Tango Luxe Villas and I have the most glorious villa with my own pool and everything I can possibly need. The only thing missing is a hammock. I ditch the backpack, step into my swimmers and head for the poolside and smile inwardly at the sight of the hammock and all its glory.

The simplicity of the hammock feels welcoming and inclusive, I sigh with sheer relief that I am here and in this moment, I revert to mindfulness and embrace the sounds, the smells and welcome all the emotions that rise up. I need to feel bliss, its like a drug, when you have peace and tranquility in your heart, it changes everything.

So I start my self discovery journey to find my zen, my peace and balance in these 4 precious weeks of nurture and nourish for self – all from the hammock. More to come over these next weeks to help inspire you to find your peace that is, if you haven’t already....

Peace out from Koh Samui

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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