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Taking it to the hammock! Episode 3. HEALTH

Health. What constitutes good health? As I lay here in the hammock from the beautiful holistic health resort 'The Sanctuary', I’m contemplating the definition of health; what constitutes good health and what does that mean to and for me?

One of the reasons I decided to travel to Thailand is because I was so curious about this place I keep reading and hearing about. I checked into ‘The Sanctuary’ for a 9 day stay. I opted for a 7.5 day detox/fasting program in for Thailand to look healthy, eat well, exercise and feel amazing, return to London ready for my next life/career adventure. What I didn't expect is the profound experience its having on me. Not everyone has the luxury to clock off and go to an exquisite place in the world, I am grateful that I could and have.

This health resort is a world-renowned destination for those wishing to seek “something else” for their Asian holiday experience. Way more than a resort or retreat destination. Famous for delicious health food, detox programs, Yoga in paradise, workshops and teacher trainings; this is the kind of place you come for a week and stay for a month or you may never leave’.

Those who visit The Sanctuary come from all corners of the world for peace, health, restoration, sun, food, yoga, detox and much more, some have been returning for years and I notice that most people are in some kind of transition in their life (me included).

Having spent time meditating, working on the breath and being present stretching out in Yoga, meeting people from all cultures, hearing the sounds of the jungle, feeling the connectivity of people, nature and send... I realize that health is NOT just about the food, the drink, the habits…. OMG! its EVERYTHING. Love with self, healthy relationships, healthy communication, healthy emotions, healthy food, exercise…. The list goes on, I think you get the idea. Knowing your self is-the-key.

Learning to be healthy and listening to your body takes time, consistency and comes from a loving place. Knowing that what you put in your body is serving you well (and trust me, all of this learnings aren’t always comfortable in my opinion). I feel this enormous shift in what luxury means to me. Here, luxury is HEALTH and you know the saying, ‘your health is your wealth’ and really, I feel that now. Its not just only physical but mental and emotional. I grateful to the core of the simplicity of my surroundings, feeling abundantly free, serene, peaceful, accepted and connected. I only wish this for the world (and maybe I will try to change it slowly and surely!)

What does it all mean? I haven’t got to that part yet, I am aware that I need to continue what I started here in Koh Pha-Ngan and take whatever I learnt into practice... #easiersaidofcourse

So, from hereon in, I listen carefully to my body, I priortise HEALTH in all areas of my life and choose to declutter things that really no longer serve me to live my best life. That does mean evolution, bravery and expansion that is to key to living my best life. I choose to be healthy.

Peace out from Koh Pha-Ngan.

p.s I will be heading to Koh Tao where I will write my final episode in this four week Thai adventure!

p.p.s If you want to find out more about The Sanctuary

p.p.p.s if you want to get healthy, maybe a coaching session would help to get you on your way (and I can help with that!).

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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