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What 'NOT-to-do-list'

Its been a while since my last blog. I temporarily lost my mojo. LIFE got in the way and I forgot to find my joy through writing. I have been struggling with balancing career and personal life and whilst I wasn't paying attention and being mindful I forgot to have fun. I commit to spending time finding my joy through writing and sharing thoughts, building my mentoring and coaching practice. To do that I needed courage.

What did I learn in 2019? Firstly, I am super appreciative of the lessons, and boy have I had a few. I had to find courage to let go and say goodbye to some old habits to create and embrace new ones (which is still work in progress). I am growing spiritually; I continue to do the inner work on me as a person and accept my needs have changed and are likely to continue to change. Thats. ok. with. me. My biggest takeaway is to STOP doing certain things which created my 'not to do list', I fee liberated, empowered and free by committing to what I am not going to do anymore.

Advice on this. Simple. Get out of your head and into your heart. Think about what makes you happy (the clue is if you know your values and beliefs and why they are what they are):

Write down what brings you joy and gives you energy, then, write down things you find zap your energy. The things you are no longer going to do are born out of what takes your energy.

Here's mine:

- I love spending time in nature and feeling energy flowing through me

- I love feeling connected to people (the warm fuzzy type)

- I love meditating and spending time with spiritual people

- I feel less loving when I am isolated

- I feel less loving when I make plans that do not allow spontaneity

- I feel less loving when I am not learning

Out of this here's my not to do list:

- I will not spend time doing things to make others happy before my own happiness

- I will not prioritise spending time cleaning my home over being with people I love

- I will not make plans all the time that restricts my energy flow

- I will not take responsibility for others happiness

- I will not iron clothes

So my awareness is not focused on things that bring me joy rather hindering me spending time on doing activities that bring me joy.

Its fun to do this fairly quick exercise, I encourage you to spend some time reflecting and thinking about what you need to say goodbye to in order to say hello to something else. When one door closes, be sure another one opens...

'Courage, dear heart' CS Lewis.

Bye for now

Zoe W

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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