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'writing a book is easy' they said...

Writing a book is 'easy' they said... I take on the challenge I said.

Anyone can write, literally, ANYONE. The same way that anyone can sing. It doesn't mean to say that your writing, your voice will connect to an audience, it's pretty subjective who is a great writer, singer...

I’ve seen a fair few posts, groups and articles about writing a book. Majority of these adverts and articles, suggest anyone can write a book in 30 days or less, easy as ABC. As a new writer on the block, I'm curious, I signed up, I read, listened and watched, journaling to test out these theories and I can tell you I'm learning pretty quickly all sorts of things (some useful and some not so useful!). The truth is, YES. Yes you can write a book. I did it in 5 weeks with a lot of discipline and determination, writing seems the easy part, there a whole bunch of other work that needs to be done, building a fan base, editing, I have literary agent research, getting a proposal together, submission guideline knowledge...

The journey of writing a book is worth detailing. This is my experience and I am pretty sure, each to their own.

My biggest AHA is that emotion is EVERYTHING. The energy of motion. The movement of all and everything is emotion. Boy, I have had my fair share of emotional highs and lows. I have been meditating and doing an awful lot of spiritual work every day since I started writing my book. Admittedly I have been working on my inner transformation for some years, I am no stranger to going inward, meditation a big part of my life, I have been globetrotting to spiritual retreats over the years, seeking knowledge of self development, opening myself up to a bigger energy, a powerful source I can’t quite articulate. I have become more aware of a spiritual connection to the universe, believing in the law of attraction, angelic magick the power of vibration.

In 2017 I created a goal during my NLP practitioner training, I made a conscious decision to write a book, I didn’t know the exact details but I knew I needed to refine my goal, that goal was planned in my subconscious for April 2020, I literally wrote it down as clear as can be, the goal so real that my unconscious mind didn’t know if it was reality or not. Fast forward to February 2020, I was working for the world's biggest publishing house, Conde Nast. I had the opportunity to step away from the corporate treadmill for a while to allow my creator within to be unleashed. I boarded a flight to Miami to write my book, I put myself under lockdown long before Covid19 struck, removing all distraction from everything. Miami has been a very significant part of my past, I feel a great peace and tranquility in my tiny studio, in south beach in Miami.

Aside from writing a novel, what have I learnt during this time I have been writing?

  • I need guidance, a trusted source. I hired a coach that could steer me, hold me accountable and sustain momentum.

  • When I felt inspired, I made notes of what it was, I made a daily list of things built on creative inspiration. I needed those on the days where I wasn’t motivated.

  • I cannot FORCE myself to write, it's a creative process that needs to take place, going with the flow has been frustrating yet necessary.

  • Creativity and motivation comes at any time of the day. Days and nights have gotten mixed up, I have lost sometimes a sense of reality.

  • My dreams have been vivid, emotional, more intense than usual. I wrote them down and sought answers and signs from dream dictionaries to power my imagination.

  • My characters have become real in my head and your heart, they tell me where they want to go and what they want to do, I’ve had to listen.

  • I am more emotional, I am so sensitive that in moments I have had to completely disconnect from the outside world.

  • I use my emotions to write from a place that is very authentic and real

  • I felt space, emptiness and such loneliness in my heart and mind once I finished (and that’s normal).

  • I'm learning it's ok to surrender to the energy that writing brings and to be unapologetic for being vulnerable and emotional.

  • I have a deeper sense of gratitude within me.

  • I have let go of fear.

  • My friendships are being tested, negatively and positively. I am no longer going to hold onto things that do not serve me or them positively.

  • I am learning to have compassion. To know that I am doing the best I can in this moment, I also know that others are doing the same.

  • I am learning that I need to give and receive in equal measures. I realise I am a natural giver, I am generous, I seldom ask for anything in return, I am aware that my energy is precious and I cannot afford to give it away.

  • I seek inner validation and no longer rely on someone else's approval of what I think or do.

  • There are lessons in every moment, it's up to me to look for them, embrace them and be grateful for them even if I don’t like them.

  • I have come to appreciate living in a small space, I don't need much to live well and happily.

  • I don't need a stable income to feel stable (that's a HUGE belief shift for me!)

  • I have felt very alone, I have had some very dark moments. I have had to sit with uncomfortable emotions with the knowledge that there is something to learn, something that will emerge that allows me to write something powerful.

  • I need to shower and clean everyday, despite being in lounge clothes, its important to self care and self regulate.

  • Eat small portions, I didn't sleep well if I ate late. I cut out carbs, I feel better.

  • Stay away from binge TV. that was my worst, If I overdosed on netflix, I slept badly and felt groggy.

  • Drink plenty of water, stupid to say but its easy to tap away and not keep up good habits.

  • I'm not a big drinker, I have barely touched alcohol. I have slept pretty decent even if its daytime napping (love a nap!).

It's not ‘easy’ to write despite what those articles suggest, the proof is in the pudding for me, at the time of writing this my novel is not yet published so my theory isn’t yet proven. IF my writing has come from an authentic place and readers connect, then my belief is right which is: the writer, me, I HAVE to experience real live emotions to write with emotion that the reader can sense, feel, touch, taste and almost smell. I am still learning and I love this sense of curiosity and awareness I am experiencing. Do I know it all? Absolutely not. But I do know one thing, that we can all create our own experience in our lifetime, we just need courage to follow the heart whether it's writing a book, starting a business, leaving a toxic partnership or telling someone you love them knowing, they may not feel the same.

The only thing that's certain for me is me, I know I was destined to help and serve others. Writing is my way to do just that. I truly hope and wish to see my book in the world in the coming months!

Wish me positive vibes and plenty of luck!

Zoe x

Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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