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Tapping into your POWER⚡

Finding and leveraging your power is something we can all do with and use daily. Tasks you need to get over the line can feel difficult and challenging. Do you put it off or delay getting round to it, the longer you put it off, the more you think about it until you can’t put it off anymore, by this time, it’s become a lot bigger in your mind and the task or activity feels daunting.

Now, think about a time you felt super energised, that nothing stands in your way, you spring into action, feel ready to take on the world, unstoppable, invincible and powerful. Step into that memory and recognise the feeling of power. Remember what you achieved when you had this high vibrational moving energy. This is exactly the kind of energy that moves mountains, what seems impossible is suddenly possible. We all have periods in the day where our energy is stronger - lets’ label this your ‘power hour’, the exact moment you use to make progress in your life on anything you want to achieve.

You’ve simply learned the habit of procrastination, it's not because you are lazy, it’s not because you aren’t capable, it's simply you have gotten into the habit of putting it off. How do you get out of this rut? Motivation can come in waves, there is more likely to be a time of the day that you feel highly motivated. I call this the power hour. The period of time during the day where you feel more energised, more motivated - this is exactly the time to tap into the very things you are putting off. By leveraging your energy in this way, you can take small steps to big successes. Consider it a game, the power hour where you tackle at least one thing per day in your power hour - you’ll see results quickly when you are fired up to smash that one thing in your power hour.

Here are top tips to recognise and capitalise on your power hour(s).

  • Prioritise your to do’s (do you really need to do it, can someone else do it and what happens when you do/don’t do it)

  • Recognise your high energy, write down how you feel when you are at your highest of energies (this is helpful to refer back to when you aren’t feeling so motivated). Write down your power hour times - and notice if this is the same time every day, what were you doing, what did you eat or who was around. This helps to plan when your power hour will show up.

  • Use your power hour to spring into action on the things you need to get done

  • Don’t be so attached to the outcome specifically, just focus on taking action in that power hour, be relentless and unstoppable in your power hour

  • Even if you don’t finish the entire task, carry it forward to the next power hour

  • If you have more than one power hour a day - that’s even better! Let the energy peak and tackle your to do list anytime

  • Use an alarm to get your hour up for success

  • Close off other distractions during your power hour

  • Recognise how you feel after your power hour - enjoy the feeling of accomplishment

  • Use habit stacking to increase your productivity

  • Chunk task any similar tasks so they too can benefit from your power hour energy (and achieve more than you thought possible!)

Using your power wisely is life changing and fun!

🎙️ Podcast Episode #17. HERE


Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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Looking for clarity and purpose in YOUR life?

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